Sweet and Savory Rubbed Pork Tenderloin

13 Sep

I think it’s a fair assumption that if something tastes delicious and requires very little work, it’s an all around win-win.  That’s what this dish is – smearing on a rub, a little grill action, and serving with some fresh rosemary, goat cheese, and honey…delicious!  And, though I rarely eat pork, my husband has a, “That time we […]

Spiked Shrimp Pasta

30 Aug

Life has so many funny coincidences if you are looking for them.  Last Sunday, I prepared and photographed a Spiked Shrimp Pasta dish {read:  Vodka Sauce} to blog about this week and then I rolled in to my Monday yoga class and the instructor cued us something to the tune of, “Open your hips like you’re opening a […]

Sweet Miso Marinated Sea Bass + Giveaway

17 Aug

My husband is a pretty cool guy, and as it turns out, a pretty cool boss too.  Why you ask?  Well, a vendor of his offered up an all expenses paid  trip to Alaska to go deep sea fishing and instead of saying, “Heck yeah, sigh me up!” {like I would have}, he paid it forward […]

Mud Hen Tavern Dining at the Kia K900 Test Drive Experience Event

6 Aug

I’ve never driven a Kia and truthfully, other than seeing the funky Kia Soul’s around town and hearing that they were a, “high value car,” {aka:  good bang for the buck}, I didn’t really know much about them.  So when the invite from Kia Motors American and OpenTable hit my inbox, I considered the event my formal […]

Miso-Shiitake Mushroom Tofu

2 Aug

My husband has been on a mission to take his fitness to the next level, so I’ve been looking at protein packed recipes and for some reason, miso recipes have been grabbing my attention.  So in the spirit of simple and healthy, I whipped up some Miso-Shiitake Mushroom Tofu. {Gina’s Take} I like my tofu with a […]

Stovetop Chicken Tikka Masala

25 Jul

I was really hesitant to make any references to “official” Indian cuisine in the title of this dish as I am no expert in the nuances of Indian cooking.  That said, I love Chicken Tikka Masala – an Indian dish with chunks of chicken, tomato sauce, and enough spices to fill the room.  So, I  stripped down the technique, making a Stovetop […]

{Pretty Personal} ~ Rob & Caroline’s Proposal

20 Jul

I’ve known Rob for about 12 years {jeeze…we’re getting old} and he sent me an email letting me know that he was going to be visiting the USA – specifically LA – for a few days, that he was ready to pop the question, and was looking for some advice on where to do it…he […]

One Pot Paella

16 Jul

When your mom brings you back the largest jar of saffron you’ve ever seen in your life from her trip to Turkey, you’d better find a reason to use it.  Now that I’ve made this dish, using a whopping 1/8 tsp of that jar, it looks like I’m going to be eating paella for the […]

A&O Kitchen + Bar’s Grand Opening

27 Jun

I paired up again this week with Surf & Sunshine to review the grand opening of A&O Kitchen + Bar at Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, CA. Quick summary:  Great food, open ambiance, water front, enough dessert to count on two hands, and healthy drinking with a cause.  Yes, please! Spoiler alert – the “Nice Rack” […]

Cinnamon Spice Grilled Pineapple

21 Jun

One of the things I’ve actively been trying to say more of is ‘yes.’  Overall, I’m pretty adventurous, but we all get stuck in a rut, be it the daily routine, what restaurants you visit, instructors you like, routes you drive…so I try to shake it up now and then, even if it’s something small […]