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Pretty Little Project: Holiday Peepers

6 Oct

  With Halloween coming up around the corner, I wanted to pull together something quickly to give our house just a hint of holiday flair. ย Our lot is literally 100% house, so the only option is to hang stuff on/in the house – and the husband is not a fan of making holes anywhere, so […]

Antonia Campanella Ceramics

4 Aug

One of the many things that I love about living in Los Angeles, is the eclectic professions, interests, hobbies, climates, cuisine…and so many other things. ย We consider ourselves super lucky to be exposed to all that goodness. But it is Los Angeles – so the talent that surrounds you here is endless and I wanted […]

Pretty Little Project: Wired thyme

29 Jul

My husband’s favorite phrase when it comes to decorating is, “You can do that.” I simultaneously cringe and beam with pride when he says it because: He’s right. I now have more work to do. This has happened with curtains, pillows, painting, photos, screen printing, cooking, stationary, art work, every single element of our wedding…basically […]