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Pretty Little Project: Holiday Peepers

6 Oct

  With Halloween coming up around the corner, I wanted to pull together something quickly to give our house just a hint of holiday flair.  Our lot is literally 100% house, so the only option is to hang stuff on/in the house – and the husband is not a fan of making holes anywhere, so […]

Antonia Campanella Ceramics

4 Aug

One of the many things that I love about living in Los Angeles, is the eclectic professions, interests, hobbies, climates, cuisine…and so many other things.  We consider ourselves super lucky to be exposed to all that goodness. But it is Los Angeles – so the talent that surrounds you here is endless and I wanted […]

Pretty Little Project: Wired thyme

29 Jul

My husband’s favorite phrase when it comes to decorating is, “You can do that.” I simultaneously cringe and beam with pride when he says it because: He’s right. I now have more work to do. This has happened with curtains, pillows, painting, photos, screen printing, cooking, stationary, art work, every single element of our wedding…basically […]