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Apple Cinnamon Cider Pancakes

28 Oct

My husband and I got married 4 years ago in one of California’s wine regions and as this month was our anniversary, we wanted to get out of town.  Because we’ve hit the wineries many times over the course of our 10 year stint in CA, we thought we’d be consistent in the theme with orchards….same idea, […]

Cinnamon Spice Grilled Pineapple

21 Jun

One of the things I’ve actively been trying to say more of is ‘yes.’  Overall, I’m pretty adventurous, but we all get stuck in a rut, be it the daily routine, what restaurants you visit, instructors you like, routes you drive…so I try to shake it up now and then, even if it’s something small […]

Tropical Granola

30 May

My work-life balance has been seriously challenged over the past 6 months, so I decided I needed to reset, and on a whim thanks to a $400 drop in flight prices, I decided to crash my parents trip to the Philippines.   When I informed my coworker, originally from Manila, who was covering for me while […]

Blueberry Coconut Banana Bread with a Coconut Glaze

30 Nov

The folks over at the Blueberry Council put out a “Blueberries Meet their Match” Blogger Recipe contest and I was ready to accept the challenge! I had plans A, B, & C worked out in my head…it was the trifecta of awesomeness.  All twists on favorite recipes of mine. {Plan A} was a Blueberry Coconut Creme […]

Cinnamon Rolls

22 Nov

Fall makes me think of cozy things…and in the kitchen, that translates to really robust spices…my favorite being cinnamon.  It just makes everything taste o.m.g. good {to me anyway}.  I love to add it to pancakes, french toast, yogurt, some cereals, ice cream…all kinds of stuff. Now, cinnamon rolls are like my husband and I’s […]

Raspberry Swirl Banana Bread

25 Oct

Sometimes you have aging bananas on hand.  And sometimes you also have 2 for $5 pints of raspberries on hand too.  Should you find yourself in such a predicament, then you’ve come to the right place.  A spunkier alternative to banana bread to the rescue! {Gina’s Take} Long story short:  I have no sweet-tooth self […]

Creme Brulee French Toast

20 Sep

Just reading the title of this post makes me feel like I have to hit the gym for an extra hour today.  But it’s so worth it! Whenever I ask my husband what he wants me to make for a dessert, his answer is one of three things:  Creme Brulee, Bread Pudding, or Snaps.  I […]

Banana Split Waffles

24 May

So Kristen and I were talking the other day and she says to me, “I talked to Dad…he had banana split waffles for breakfast today.”  Whaaaa?  Before she even got the words out of her mouth, I was flashing back to this amazing little restaurant that my husband and I went to in Bar Harbor, ME […]

Fluffy Flax & Cinnamon Pancakes

3 May

To say we love our breakfast here at Pretty Little Dishes would be an understatement…and light, airy, fluffy, cinnamon-y flapjacks are on the top of of our list!  With some serious experimentation…ok…more like ‘comedy of errors’ experimentation, we’ve perfected the art of Fluffy Flax Cinnamon Pancakes! {Kristen’s take} Who needs to go out and eat […]