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Sprouting Mung Beans

16 Mar

Mung beans.  I mean, when you say it out loud, they sound uninspired at best.  Definitely not something I’ve ever heard anyone say they are craving late at night.  But, if you’ve never tried them, they are actually a pretty versatile legume that can be used in everything from stews to desserts.  If you are wondering […]

{Pretty Little Basics} Roasted Garlic

9 Aug

We love garlic at our house.  We love roasted garlic even more.  So to satisfy the household & keep vampires away {kidding…too much True Blood watching}, I will typically keep some roasted garlic on hand.  I make it whenever I know we’ll be home for a couple hour stretch and when I know nobody’s coming over […]

{Pretty Little Basics} Garlic & Basil Pesto

2 Aug

I have a pretty green thumb, so when I went to Home Depot a month or so ago and picked up one of those tiny seedling starters of basil, I figured I’d probably start planning on making a batch of pesto.  What I didn’t expect was from that tiny pot of 5 seedlings, I’d be […]