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Fried Green Tomato Caprese

27 Sep

This week’s post was inspired by happy hour…yep…there is a bar down the street from us and my husband and I hit happy hour last Friday.  Since everything was $5…well…we basically had…everything {oops!}.  The upside was that they served tasty drinks.  The downside was the food…it was like they weren’t even trying.  The most offensive […]

Steamed Dumplings

13 Sep

As I’ve shared in previous posts, my friend Toni graciously allows me to steal her inventory and use her beautiful ceramics for Pretty Little Dishes so my readers {and I} don’t get bored of looking at the same white plates week after week.  Usually, she loans me a couple of items…but this past inventory pick […]

Southern Corn Cakes

30 Aug

I was at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and while walking down the produce aisle, I saw something I’d never seen before:  Red corn.   So, for no reason other than, “Oooh.  Pretty color.,” I plopped down the $3 for the 4 ears of corn and brought them home. Now, to be […]

Pear & Cranberry Brie en Croute

9 Aug

This is Part 2 of a 2 part Brie en Croute extravaganza {Part 1 can be found here:  Garlic & Mushroom Brie en Croute}. As I mentioned in Part 1, my husband is a fan of buying in bulk.  So, to prevent a massive spoilage of Brie in our home, I got creative with the […]

Garlic & Mushroom Brie en Croute

9 Aug

This is really Part 1 of a 2 part Brie en Croute extravaganza. My husband decided he wanted some Brie to munch on at home so, he returned with a super-sized warehouse wedge of Brie purchased at Costco.  There are only two of us here, so a wedge of Brie the size of my head […]