Photobombing Gorillas in Rwanda

3 Nov

There are so many amazing things I love about my life and that I am truly grateful for. At the top of that list is my health. As a dedicated yogi, I’m mindful of the strength & flexibility of my mind and body. It only takes one prick of a thorn to remember how fragile your health is.

On my recent and incredibly life changing work trip to Rwanda {we’ll get to that in another post}, one of the items on my bucket list got pre-checked. I call it a pre-check, because before I found out about my work trip, my hubby and I had booked a vacation on the other side of the border, ~60 miles away from where we went hiking in Rwanda, and ~ 3 weeks after I got home. {I think John Lennon’s quote, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” is appropriate.}

So, with the gratefulness of mind and body, my coworkers and I embarked on a hike up to about 7000 meters in Volcanoes National Park to see the majestic and endangered mountain gorillas. Given we were in the rainy season, the conditions were a bit tough – a little drizzle, a lot of elevation, and a TON of mud.

The porters, guide, and trackers took us up the mountain side, machetes in hand to clear the way. We saw GIANT earthworms, a chameleon {said to be good luck} and thick, thick, jungle. And then there they were – the Isabukuru Group – a family of 19 in total (we saw about 9 of them), scattered in the dense jungle. Given that you only get 1 hour with them, our group of 8 hikers were over the moon with excitement.

So obviously – there were photos…{I learned that cool ‘peeking-through-your-fingers’ one from the kids I was working with in Kigali…they love that…check my instagram account.

But post isn’t about the magic of seeing the gorillas for the first time…it’s about this: Middle Finga’ Gorilla. I guess this just wasn’t his day for guests? Β Even the other gorilla in the background seems to be shocked.

Middle Finga Gorilla (C) Gina Moore

(C) Gina Moore

So…there you have it…maybe he’ll join the ranks of the photobombing deer, the crasher squirrel, that crazy stingray, or the cheeky seal. Who knows…but flipping through those photos will always give me an extra reason to smile thinking back on that trip.

And as for those thorns – one is still working it’s way out of my thumb {doah}!


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