Mud Hen Tavern Dining at the Kia K900 Test Drive Experience Event

6 Aug

I’ve never driven a Kia and truthfully, other than seeing the funky Kia Soul’s around town and hearing that they were a, “high value car,” {aka:  good bang for the buck}, I didn’t really know much about them.  So when the invite from Kia Motors American and OpenTable hit my inbox, I considered the event my formal educational opportunity on the brand – and wow{!} – did they start me at the top:  a fully loaded 2015 Kia K900 Luxury Sedan.  Click here to read all about my Top 10 Highlights of the test drive on

Once the test drive was over, I left the beautiful, leather, ventilated K900 seat and headed in to Mud Hen Tavern for a hosted dinner.

Our appetizers included a Melon Gazpacho – a few sweet sips with the summer flavors of cantaloupe and basil, and Hummus and Tzatziki with fresh pita bread.

We moved on to our official first course which included Pumpkin Raviolis and Tuna Ceviche.  Seriously, I could have had a giant plate of the raviolis and called it a day.  Topped with shiitake mushrooms and drizzled with truffle oil – it was perfection.  The tuna was really interesting, with avocado, toasted corn, and hints of red onion, cilantro, cucumber, and smoked chili – but the fun part was the chips – they were tapioca flour chips made by dehydrating the ‘dough’ and then puffing them in a fryer.

Next up was the main course – we had the Wood Oven Roasted Pork Chop, Pan Seared Hawaiian Swordfish, and a roasted rainbow cauliflower.

The pork chop was served with the best grits I’ve had in a restaurant out west (this is a bold statement coming from a gal who grew up in the South).  The pork chop itself was HUGE, wonderfully tender, and served with a side of arugula and bacon wrapped peaches.

The swordfish was equally as good – glazed with a citrus chili, pearled onions, and a succotash – which usually makes me cringe, but this was fresh, with crisp asparagus, corn, tomatoes and olives.

The cauliflower was quite a treat – even for my super picky husband.  Hints of cumin throughout, with a sour cream style topping, and garnished with roasted chickpeas for a great added crunch!

They almost had to roll us out at this point, but we rallied for dessert:  Peach and Cream Donut Bites and a Malted Chocolate Stout Cake.  The donuts were vanilla with a bourbon caramel peach sauce drizzled over them and the cake was resting in a delicious puddle of cream and garnished with crushed malt balls.

As if all of that wasn’t great already, Chef Susan Feniger made her rounds, greeting the restaurant patrons with her megawatt smile and style for days, and sent us off by signing a copy of her book, Street Food, at the table.


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