Pretty Little Project: Holiday Peepers

6 Oct

holiday peepers at night

Are we being watched? The peepers at night.


With Halloween coming up around the corner, I wanted to pull together something quickly to give our house just a hint of holiday flair.  Our lot is literally 100% house, so the only option is to hang stuff on/in the house – and the husband is not a fan of making holes anywhere, so I had to get creative.

holiday peeper supplies

look closely - there is actually a line that I drew to make the eye.

look closely – there is actually a line that I drew to make the eye.

Luckily, we have a house with lots of windows.  The windows upstairs have a bottom panel that stays closed {that the dog likes to bark out of} and a top panel that opens.  So, since there are two pairs of these windows, I thought, “Why not give them some eyes?”  So I did…and it was super easy.

What you’ll need to make 2 pairs:

  1. 4 black poster boards (I used 22″ x 28″)
  2. 2  pieces of tissue paper
  3. Marker
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape
  6. Hot glue


peeper steps 3-6


  1. Cut your poster boards to fit the window you plan to display the “peepers” in.
  2. Using the marker, draw an eye (or whatever shape you’d like to display) on to the poster board.  You can freehand it, because you’ll use this as your template for the others.
  3. Cut out the shape out with scissors.
  4. Now, use the cut out poster board as a template for the others, trace the shape on to the other poster boards, and then cut those shapes out.
  5. Tape the tissue paper on to the cut out poster board, peeper step 7covering the eye (or shape) you cut out.
  6. Make a “tissue paper sandwich,” lining up the shapes and edges, and laying the second poster board to the back of the first.
  7. Secure the poster boards together by hot gluing the edges of the poster board, one edge at a time.
  8. Hang your “peepers” up in a window.
peeper hung step 8

Top images: taken inside the house during the day
Bottom images: taken outside the house during the day















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