Antonia Campanella Ceramics

4 Aug

AC Ceramics - ScatteredOne of the many things that I love about living in Los Angeles, is the eclectic professions, interests, hobbies, climates, cuisine…and so many other things.  We consider ourselves super lucky to be exposed to all that goodness.

But it is Los Angeles – so the talent that surrounds you here is endless and I wanted to feature one of those talented folks on the blog today…

Meet Antonia ‘Toni’ Campanella – lucky for me, she lives and works in LA.  She’s warm, friendly, talented & will greet you with a hug every time she sees you.  She makes one of a kind ceramic pieces that are both delicate AC Ceramics - Stackedand beautiful.

Even luckier for me is that we’ll be weaving Toni’s beautiful handmade work…her pretty little dishes….on Pretty Little Dishes!

And if that isn’t enough, she also makes one of a kind jewelry…and sculptures…and tiles…yeah…she’s awesome.

So please keep an eye out for her wares.  You can find them in stores, online at her esty shop – AC Ceramics or you can contact her directly for inquiries via her website, Antonia Campanella Ceramics.

AC Ceramics - plate trio

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