Pretty Little Project: Wired thyme

29 Jul

wired timeMy husband’s favorite phrase when it comes to decorating is, “You can do that.”

I simultaneously cringe and beam with pride when he says it because:

  1. He’s right.
  2. I now have more work to do.

This has happened with curtains, pillows, painting, photos, screen printing, cooking, stationary, art work, every single element of our wedding…basically anything you can buy at a store, he thinks I can make it.  Usually it works out ok…sometimes….well… it becomes more of a learning experience.

wire SSo, a few weeks ago I hosted a surprise party for my dad…celebrating his birthday and his retirement.  In a miraculous twist – the party actually stayed a surprise! {yay!!}

Since I was flying in, I had to keep the projects simple since they were going to be last minute.  And, because wire congratsthis one was food related, I wanted to share it with you!

{Wired Thyme}

You’ll need:

  1. 22 gauge floral wire (you can use a slightly heavier wire)
  2. Scissors
  3. Fresh Thyme


  1. Take the wire and shape the letters by bending the wire in to position.  They do not need to be perfect!
  2. When you get to the end of a length of wire, simply twist the next wire around where the last ended, and keep going, until you spell out the word.  Snip the end with the scissors if you have extra.
  3. Once you have formed the word, you can start wrapping the thyme around the wire.  The thyme is very pliable and will stay in position as you wrap the wire.
  4. After wrapping all of the wire in thyme, go back and fill in the spots that look bare – in the project shown, I wrapped each section 2 to 3 times to make the letters look full.
  5. Leave your herb wrapped word in the fridge to preserve the thyme until it’s party time.
  6. To display, either lay on a table or use thin string or fishing line to hang.

This one was used as a table display and I loved how it smelled and how delicate it looked.  I happened to grab the only bag of thyme with no little purple flowers, but that would have been fabulous to add to the delicate look of the display.  The best part of this project is that there is basically no mess or clean up and it doesn’t have to be perfect – the little ends poking out make it look like the herb grew that way.

{Pretty Little Tip}

The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire.  So if you want to get a thicker wire, try a 20 gauge, just don’t go so thick that you can’t bend it.

wired thyme congrats

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  1. A Lovely Thyme July 29, 2013 at 10:18 pm #

    Oh how this day just keeps getting better and better! I LOVE this! Soaking up the inspiration! Thank you!

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