Frosted Mint Chocolate Brownies

8 Mar

There are some fun things happening around here this week.  On a personal note, the in-laws are in town, so I get to hear fun stories about my husband that he pretends to have forgotten…{ha!}.  From what I can tell, they are happy to escape the MI winter to our sunny CA weather. On the Pretty […]

Roasted Chicken Orzo Salad

21 Feb

Yet another week in Vegas for a conference, followed by a sweet wedding on Valentine’s Day, and another resulting cold from the hectic schedule.  Lucky for me, I only have one more work week in Vegas this year, but I’m looking forward to the 2 month break between now and then…as is my immunity.  Doesn’t […]

Couscous Chicken

1 Feb

I’ve been watching the chaos on the news in the southern US, seeing friends’ instagram feeds, and my heart really goes out to the folks impacted.  My inlaws in MI have reported school cancellations and -40F with the windchill temps.  Here in L.A…well, we escape most of the winter calamities, minus a drought, so we’re […]

Coconut Curry Risotto

26 Jan

I finally feel like a human again…I spent all last week sleeping 10-12 hour nights due to some crazy bug I picked up while attending CES.  Thankfully that’s out of the way, so I rolled up my sleeves and had a cooking extravaganza starting with this dish. Truth be told – I started this post […]

Pretty Under the Weather

13 Jan

As I mentioned in my last post, this week I went to CES.  As to be expected – it was a whirlwind…it was filled with keynotes, press events, and tech stuff on one hand…and DJ sets by Lil Jon and somehow finding myself being filmed and syndicated before 7am by NBC…no coffee…no early notification.  No do-overs are […]

Baked Chicken & Squash with Parmesan Farro

3 Jan

When my husband talks about his Michigan relatives this time of year – I hear the words, “they are on shut down.”  Ditto for many of our local friends as they work as either educators or in the aerospace industry.  It’s this magical time where they don’t have to work the last two weeks of […]

Peppermint Martini

23 Dec

Busy last minute shopping this week?  Or traveling for the holidays?  Relatives coming in to town?  And to the folks that work in retail or anything related to the service industry…oye. Well, this post is for all of you that need some 21+ holiday festivities that come in a glass.  It’s also a super fun […]

Chicken Barley Soup

13 Dec

So we’ve had a cold snap here in LA this week and though the plastic looking local meteorologists make it seem like the end of the world is upon us, we survived by turning the heater on for a whopping 2 days in a row…only at night. Luckily we survived this {melo}dramatic event, but it […]

{Pretty Personal} ~ Shari & Sylvester

8 Dec

My husband moved to CA a year before I did and through his roommate at the time, met Shari…and we can’t thank that roommate enough.  Shari has served as a friend, mentor, hairdresser, puppy sitter, pointed us to the first home we bought together…really, the list just goes on and on.  We simply adore her and […]

Orange Crockpot Chicken

6 Dec

When you live ~2500 miles from either set of your parents and families, holidays take on a new meaning.  Not a bad one – just different.  We have lots of people we call family locally and spend many a holiday with, but this year, we decided to just relax….plus, the Mr. had to work the […]